No-reference video quality evaluation for high-definition video


A no-reference video quality metric for High-Definition video is introduced. This metric evaluates a set of simple features such as blocking or blurring, and combines those features into one parameter representing visual quality. While only comparably few base feature measurements are used, additional parameters are gained by evaluating changes for these measurements over time and using additional temporal pooling methods. To take into account the different characteristics of different video sequences, the gained quality value is corrected using a low quality version of the received video. The metric is verified using data from accurate subjective tests, and special care was taken to separate data used for calibration and verification. The proposed no-reference quality metric delivers a prediction accuracy of 0.86 when compared to subjective tests, and significantly outperforms PSNR as a quality predictor.

Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2009. ICASSP 2009. IEEE International Conference on