Interactice TV

Increasingly the segregation of content according to device types becomes blurred, especially for so-called SmartTVs that combine traditional linear broadcast content with interactive, non-linear broadband content. So far multiple interactive TV (iTV) standards have been defined, usually limited to a specific broadcasting technology, for example the popular HbbTV for DVB broadcasting systems.

In order to enable a global market of sharing interactive content, the coexistence and interoperability of existing iTV systems across different broadcast technologies is necessary. The focus of my work is especially on adapting the successful DVB-based HbbTV to other broadcasting systems, but also designing migration concepts towards future HTML5, web-based systems.

Key publications:

Analysis of coexistence of Ginga and HbbTV in DVB and ISDB-Tb, Consumer Electronics - Berlin (ICCE-Berlin), 2014 IEEE Fourth International Conference on, pp. 83-87, 2014.


Christian Keimel
Christian Keimel
Artificial Intelligence Research Project Leader

My research interests include AI/Machine Learning in the context of Visual Information Processing.